Our Story

Cranberries and Wisconsin go together

The majority of our extended family of cranberry growers are in Wisconsin, where over 50% of the world’s cranberries are grown.

Cranberry marshes have long been vital to local Wisconsin communities and the state’s economy. Many of the cranberry marshes have supported generations of growers and their families.

The wildlife that forms its natural habitat in cranberry marshes are valued and protected by the Wisconsin cranberry growers. The sandhill crane, the origin of the “crane berry” name is just one example.

Although Wisconsin has a long and rich history with cranberries, the livelihoods based on the small, family-owned cranberry farms are being threatened.

Next Door Market is committed to supporting independent growers. We hope they are able to continue to provide us with high quality cranberries while maintaining sustainable agricultural operations that support their own families for generations to come.

We pride ourselves on working with growers and agricultural cooperatives to provide the connection between you and your food – transparency from farm to table.