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Cranberries are:

Versatile – fresh, frozen, juiced or dried can be use in most any cuisine, substitute in any sweet or savory recipe, eat alone or combine with other healthy snacks

Convenient – dried cranberries are ready to use as a snack or ingredient, no fancy cooking skills required

Value-added – dried cranberries are labor saving, healthy, without waste, extended shelf-life, economical with gourmet appeal

Different – alternative to traditional fast food – great sports snack (dried & mixed with nuts) or any time of day pick-me-up

Practical – easy to pack as a “to go” snack, take on a hike or bike ride, or simply to munch on any time, anywhere

Fun – start a new trend, eat more of these spunky, yummy, good-for-you berries


The Small Berry with Big Personality


Next Door Market®’s Shop is a virtual neighborhood farmer’s market and bistro experience. We are a Swiss brand connecting people through appreciation of good food. What began at home cooking and sharing Wisconsin cranberries with friends and family, has grown into a virtual market stand offering cranberry dishes in interesting combinations. In addition to selling visually aesthetic, tasty-yet-convenient, nutritionally sound food, ready-to-eat as is or for use in personal cuisine interpretations. We offer Cuisine Workshops embodying the authentic bistro experience. Our products can also be purchased through our Partners.


While maintaining a strong connection to simpler times, Next Door Market® is redefining the meaning of “buy local” and “farm-to-table”.

What’s New

Spring! It is finally here. In addition to the Cranberry Syrup products, Cranberry Juice (unsweetened) from whole cranberries is now available in our online Shop! Mix it with other juices, add your own sweetener, make cocktails or mocktails…the possibilities are endless!

 Almost ready with our new Spring products. Our Syrup recipes have passed the muster! We now have a variety of cranberry syrups infused with mint from our garden, Lemongrass, and Ginger, too. Our taste testers have been busy! The products and photos will be added soon to our product list in the Shop. Look for cranberry juice made from whole berries, also coming soon!

We may have just the thing for you in our Online Shop. Open 24  hours each day!